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Online Vape Shops In Dartmouth NS

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The number one online vape shop in Dartmouth NS is Ejuice Wholesalers!

Dartmouth ejuice Suppliers are a local Vape Shop dealing in eCigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquid, eJuice, and other vaping supplies and hardware accessories like batteries and coils. They carry everything in their online vape shop that you need to vape.

They carry vaping products from such industry leaders Aspire, Joyetech, Kloud, Got Swagger, Nice Vapor, Eleaf, and many more including Sony. Whatever vaping products you are looking for in Dartmouth or Halifax, they offer a wide assortment of flavored ejuices, atomizers, coils, mods, batteries, chargers, travel cases, and other vape shop accessories.

If you are looking for a good vaping starter kit they have it. If you were a former smoker and are new to vaping, they will show you a whole new line of ecigarettes with batteries that seem to last forever. So whether you are an advanced user or new to vaping, Dartmouth Vape Shop can get your order out to you within 24 hours after ordering online.

They have many locations that they ship to in the Maritime Provinces including Halifax, Dartmouth, Sackville, Bedford, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, PEI, and Cape Breton.

Aspire NX 30 Box Mod

Aspire NX 30 Box Mod
Price: $69.95
SKU: GB-K-148-Black

Introducing the NX30 MOD from Aspire. For more details about this products, contact eJuice Wholesalers

EJuice Wholesalers, located in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, are happy to answer any type of questions or help you create a free online account so that you can order ejuice online or ecigs that you want to ship out to your local vape shop in Halifax or Dartmouth.

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

There are many benefits of vaping over smoking, not just the price point savings.

E-cigarettes are basically delivery devices that vaporize the ejuice liquid and often containing nicotine. They are commonly referred to as e-juice or e-liquid and come in a variety of flavors. Officially they are called 'electronic nicotine delivery systems". They are intended to simulate the smoking experience  without all the negative drawbacks of cigarette tobacco. 

For one thing vapor from an e-cig doesn't contain any tar or carbon monoxide, commonly found regular cigarettes. There are also literally hundreds of chemicals found in tobacco, but you won't get any of these harmful chemicals in vaping!

Vaping provides smokers an alternative cheaper method of getting nicotine, not only saving money, but reducing waste, and promoting a much cleaner lifestyle in the process. 

Those smokers that have switched to vaping save at least $200 per month by just picking up ejuice. The ecigarettes can last up to a year or more, with someone smokers having more than one ecigarette depending on the occasion. If you are a smoker and are wanting to get into vaping, contact Dartmouth Vaping Suppliers Online to order today. 

Dartmouth Vape Shop Distributors carry everything you will need for vaping including:

  • ejuice
  • vaporizers
  • electronic cigarettes
  • coils
  • batteries
  • ecigarette accessories

Can E-cigarettes Help Me Stop Smoking?

E-Cigarettes are basically a harmless alternative to smoking cigarettes. Thousands of Atlantic Canadian have made the switch from smoking to vaping in the past year alone. 

No more is the terrible nicotine addiction! After switching to vaping, most of our customers in Halifax, Dartmouth and Moncton NB say that they slowly reduce their nicotine strength over a few months. 

Some older customers who have been vaping for a couple years have found that they have weaned themselves off nicotine completely.

Are E-cigarettes And Vaporizers Safe?

In Canada there is no health rise or unsafe laws in place for vaping as of 2017. But the "British Public Health Authority" announced back in 2015 that e-cigarettes were about 95% safer than smoking regular cigarettes. 

Just like any electronic device they need proper handling and care to be totally safe. If you are still unsure if you want to get into vaping because you are not sure if they are safe, you should read all instructions that come with each starter kit of ecigarette carefully. 

Beginners should always start off with the basic starter kits and read all instructions carefully before vaping. They as you become use to your ecig, you will gain more confidence with the product. Only use the mods and coils that are suggested for each ecigarette. If you are still unsure ask your eJuice Wholesaler sales agent.

What Type Of E-cigarette Should I Start With?

Eleaf iStick Basic Starter Kit

Well you can start off with any number of starter kits including the Eleaf Starter Kit

Product Introduction:

The iStick basic starter kit with the GS Air 2 atomizer(14mm) is a new starter kit from Eleaf. Not only does the iStick basic have a large battery capacity of 2300mAh.

It also features its innovative magnetic connector for ease of using with all 510/eGo atomizers of 14mm diameter. With a fashionable metallic appearance, the iStick basic also comes with many attractive colors for your options.

For more information check out the details of the iStick Basic by Eleaf.