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Halifax / Dartmouth / Bedford E-Cigarette & Vape Shop

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If you are currently living in Halifax, Dartmouth, or Bedford Nova Scotia and are looking to purchase e-cigarettes from a local vape shop that your are sure in luck! Ejuice Wholesalers Halifax have all the vaping supplies that you will need for you or your Dartmouth Vape Shop.

Ejuice Wholesale Online specialize in providing and education customers as to the various vaping products and how to use them. Vaping is a modern alternative to smoking cigarettes. Your ejuice and ecigarette wholesalers pride themselves on saying up with the latest vaping trends and products across Canada and bringing them to their customers in Atlantic Canada.

If you are looking for the best and most affordable vape shop supplies, than ejuice wholesalers in Dartmouth have you covered! Their friendly staff will send you out any amount of ecigs and eliquid that you wish to order at their online vape shop. As a beginner, If you would like to order a ecig starter kit there are many affordable products to choose from. The online vaping shop is open seven days a week. If you have questions before you buy your flavored ejuice online then contact Halifax Ejuice Suppliers on Facebook and they would be happy to help you decide which vaping products to order.

Local Vape Shops in Atlantic Canada

Here are a few of the local vape shops in Atlantic Canada that ejuice wholesale company ships to. Don't forget when ordering to also pickup a couple extra coils and maybe some new flavored ejuice. It doesn't matter if you live in Sackville, Lunenburg, or Moncton New Brunswick, you can order vaping supplies online and EJuice Wholesalers will ship your order out first thing the next morning.

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Vaping Customers in Halifax and Dartmouth can now order vape shop supplies like ecigs, ejuice, coils, and batteries online this year. Shopping for your ejuice and ecigarettes online is so convenient. 

You can simply order on your iphone, Samsung tablet, or computer while at work. Once you create a free account and put together your ejuice order, eJuice Wholesalers will receive your order via email and ship out your order the very next day. So a very quick turnaround time with ordering ejuice online.

One other reason your local Vape Shop Supplier in Halifax is so busy these days is the affordability of the vaping supplies. They are so much more cheaper than other local ejuice dealers in Halifax, Dartmouth, Moncton or Saint John NB. Who wants to pay like $18 for a pack of cigarettes when you an buy a large bottle of ejuice for the same price and it last from 7-10 days. 

Save Money by Shopping at Your Local Online Vape Shop!

If any customers who have bought ecigarettes, ejuice, coils, or batteries this month, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will educate you as to how every works and explain any troubleshooting steps for loading your ejuice as well.

EJuice Wholesale Shop has many customers in the local Atlantic Canada region and are growing daily. They supply nothing but the best flavors of ejuice and vaping hardware.

 Kloud E-Juice Sunshine

Kloud E-Juice Sunshine

Price: $19.95

SKU: Sunshine

Product Description

Incredible burst of summer flavors, like a sunny day in your mouth! Quickly rated one of the favorites. A wonderful pop of fresh strawberries with subtle citrus fruits zest.

This Kloud ejuice is sweet and ever so pleasantly tart, sure to please anyone. If you have never tried the Kloud e-Juice brand, you will be hooked right off the bat. It is a very intense but smooth ejuice that offers many flavors. Below are a few more flavors of ejuice that eJuice Wholesale company in Dartmouth carries:

Kloud E-Juice Tsunami

Price: $19.95

Kloud E-Juice Twister

Price: $19.95

Kloud E-Juice Signature Blend

Price: $19.95

Kloud E-Juice Monsoon


Free Shipping Over $100

Order over $100 worth of vape shop supplies and the order gets shipped out the next day free of charge! When choosing to buy your ecigarettes and ejuice online, always order from Halifax Vape Shop -