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Flavored Ejuice Kits Halifax | Dartmouth | Bedford | Sackville NS

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Anyone looking for flavored ejuice kits in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sacville NS or anywhere else in Atlantic Canada can go to the e-cigarette and eJuice source -

For those smokers who are wanting to kick the habit in 2017, we have something for you to try with your very first e-cigarette - Got Swagger 5-Pack Combo eJuice Kit #1

Got Swagger 5-Pack Combo eJuice Kit

Price:$49.95 $29.95

SKU: 5-PackCombo#1

Product Description: 

5-Pack eJuice Combo Kit #1 - Got Fresh Tobacco, Strawberry U-pick, Blue Ballz, Ole Fashion Apple Pie, and Rocket Treat.

Each 5 pack flavored ejuice Combo kit sampler is available in 0mg and 12mg of Nicotine, 5 combinations in all. 

Other eJuice combo ejuce kits are listed below:

5-Pack Combo #2 - Got Fresh Tobacco, Got Smooth Tobacco, Got light Tobacco, Egyptian Pear-A-Mint, and Straight-Up Menthol .

5-Pack Combo #3 - Red Cherry, Peared Perfect , Fresh Off The Vine Grapeness, Proud of our Pomegranate, Cool Crisp Watermelon.

5-Pack Combo #4 - Berry Proud of our Pomegranate, Scary Punch, Rocket Treat,Blue Beach Blast , Scary Power.

5-Pack Combo #5 - Got Donut, Got Yogurt, Ole Fashion Apple Pie, Crem Brule, Homemade Ice Cream.

E-cigarette Supplies in Halifax

Your eJuice Wholesalers have a large assortment of flavored ejuice kits for those wishing to trying something different rather than just tobacco flavored ejuice. In addition they also have a variety of ecigarettes, atomizers, batteries, ejuice, and hardware accessories. Each ecigarette unit is totally rechargeable, refillable, and recyclable. 

Again, for smokers that want to try vaping, we want to tell you that ecigarettes are completely free of tobacco and tar, and are less dangerous for your health with no funky tobacco smell on your clothes after a night out. 

Finally people can indulge in a socially accepted habit of vaping that is similar to smoking, but leaves no smokey smell on your clothes or in your car afterwards. No ashes falling in your lap or burning your shirt or dress, no hefty price tag that is attached to buying a pack of cigarettes, and if the government has anything to do with is, cigarettes will hit an all time high of $20 or more in 2017, which is most tax-based charges. So now is the time to switch to vaping!

Where Can I Purchase E-Cigarettes or E-Juice?

Ejuice Wholesalers are the largest online vape store in Atlantic Canada serving Nova Scotia (Halifax, Dartmouth, Sackville, Bedford, Tantallon, South Shore, Cape Breton), New Brunswick (Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John), Newfoundland (St. John's, Corner Brook, Conception Bay), and Prince Edward Island (PEI). 

If you live in other parts of Canada like Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, or British Columbia, you will soon be able to buy the 5 pack combo ejuice kits are our online ejuice store. You will want to save money by buying vape shop supplies at reduced wholesale prices.

Why Choose eJuice Wholesalers?

Halifax eJuice Wholesalers are your trusted source in the Maritimes for electronic cigarettes (ecigs), vape mods, and all sorts of flavored ejuice kits. 

If you are looking for e-cigarettes in Halifax or Dartmouth, Moncton or Saint John, look no further. More and more people have found an alternative to smoking cigarettes - vaping! We have seen an explosion in Atlantic Canada in vape shops popping up everywhere in recent years and due to the rising cost of smoking cigarettes, it's no wonder people are making the switch to vaping.

E cigarettes are becoming safer, more cost effective, and more accepted than ever before and are great for anyone wishing to give up the ugly smoking habit. So you should choose a local vape shop supplier who is trusted in Atlantic Canada at providing nothing but the latest and best vaping supplies as well as top notch customer service after the sale.

Sign up for a vape shop account today and Halifax eJuice Distributors will ship out your product within 24 hours, often with free shipping if your order is over $100!