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Ejuice In Moncton NB | Ecigarettes | Batteries | Vaping Supplies

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Vaping is on the rise in Atlantic Canada in 2017 and if you are looking for the best eJuice dealer in Moncton NB, you are in luck.

 EJuice wholesalers are one of the most affordable ejuice companies in New Brunswick and the number one choice when it comes to authentic and quality vape shop products from top companies like Aspire, Lyche, Got Swagger, Kloud, and Nice Liquid.

There are so many ejuice flavors to choose from these days that it has never been a better time to order your online shipment of ejuice and have it delivered right to your local Moncton vape shop. If you are looking for the best vape shop in Atlantic Canada than look no further. Your Moncton Vape Shop supplier can assure you that you will get the best flavors of ejuice on the market anywhere in Atlantic Canada today. Looking for eCigarettes, batteries, and other vaping supplies we have you covered!

Best eJuice & eCigarette Vape Shop

Being one of the best vape shops in Moncton, we have the best prices in vaporizers, mods, hardware and accessories in the business. Vape Shop Supplies Moncton is Greater Moncton’s best known vape shop especially when looking for top quality ecigarettes and flavored ejuice.

When you buy your ecig and flavored juice from our online ejuice store in Moncton you will be getting your vaping supplies at the lowest prices anywhere in the region. If you don't see something that you want to order, make sure to send us a message on Facebook so that we can order it in. We deal with only the best in vape shop supplies in Moncton NB and give back the savings to our customers here in the Maritimes.

There are so many new and exciting eCigarette styles coming in each day that we hardly have time to get them up on our online vape shop. You have truly found the best eliquid store in Moncton so don't forget to say hello and ask about anything else that may be for sale that day.

Discount eJuice in Moncton

There are many discount flavors of ejuice on sale at our online vape shop in Moncton. Check out the many ecigarettes, atomizers, ecig starter kits, ecig batteries, tanks, coils,and other accessories that we have on sale right now! Here is one of our top sellers - the complete ecigarette starter kit from Kamry.

Kamry eCigarette Starter Kit

KAMRY X6 1600mAh Complete Starter Kit-DOTW

SKU: GB-K-110-DW

Price: $14.95 

Regular $48.95

(You save $34.00)

Bulk Discounts:

  • Buy 1 - 9 and get 60% off
  • Buy 10 - 19 and get 70% off
  • Buy 20 or above and get 80% off

Product Description

1. Powerful appearance with copper as its tube material
2. Fit for all the eGo and 510 thread atomizor
3. Three different colour LED lights to show the changes of three levels of the amount of vapor
4. 1600mah high capacity battery with variable voltage function
5. Battery charging time: 4-4.5 hours
6. Battery size: 103mm x 20mm
7. Battery life: 300 charging cycles
8. Working current: 1A
9. Working voltage: 3.2-4.8V
10. Capacity of atomizer: 2.5ml
11. Length of the electronic cigarette: 165mm
12. Diameter of the electronic cigarette: 20mm

E-cigarette Function

1. Health: No tar or other carcinogenic substance and no danger of second-hand smoking.
2. Green: Physical changes in the process do not produce any new material.
3. Economical: Save the smoking cost 80% each year.
4. Safe: No ignition and no fire hazards.
5. Freedom: You can enjoy your smoking habit anywhere and anytime

New To Vaping

If you are new to vaping in Moncton NB, make sure you check out the best local vape shops before buying. You may even find an online vape shop that can get you the best ejuice flavors at the cheapest prices.

Also don't forget to get the most well known and reliable ecigarette. You may spend a little extra, but it will be well worth it! Never jump on the cheapest model. It many be on sale for a reason. 

So look for Aspire, Joytech or Sony when it comes to quality. Also get a powerful battery, one that doesn't quit when you are traveling or are not near a place to charge it. Pick up a couple of coils, because if you are a heavy smoker, then tend not to last as long. Get the best coil that you can buy and you will be happy you did. 

Ecigarette Shop in Moncton

We have seen and increase recently in online sales of ecigarettes in Moncton.

Your Moncton ecigarette shop carries the best ecigarettes sold anywhere in New Brunswick. Don't settle for the cheapest ecigs, get the best. Often you will see the occasional sale but most times look for the best and it will last forever. 

Ejuice wholesalers in Moncton will make sure you online vape shop order gets out the very next day and if the order is over $100 then it will be shipped free. Get your ecigs, ejuice, mods, tanks, batters, hardware, and accessories from your online ecigarette shop in Moncton.

Save money online today by ordering ecigarettes and ejuice from your Moncton Vape Shop Supplier -  www.