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Dartmouth Vape Shop | Coils, Batteries, Ecigs, eJuice

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If you are looking best online vape shop in Dartmouth for ecigarettes, ejuice, coils, batteries, than looking no further than eJuice Wholesalers!

Ejuice Suppliers in Halifax also supply to all parts of the HRM as well as to all of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. If you just need a coil or two, or a new battery, eJuice Distributors in Dartmouth would be happy to fill your order online and have it shipped out the very next day.

Remember, all order over $100 are shipped absolutely free !!

Dartmouth and Halifax are now hotbeds when it comes to people giving up smoking and getting into vaping. It seems to be the local craze in Nova Scotia these days. EJuice flavors are more popular than every with dozens of new flavors coming out each month.

If you haven't tried ecigarettes, this summer may be the perfect time to try it. Make a fresh start this year by quitting smoking and pick up a vaping starter kit from the top online vape shop Ejuice Wholesalers!

Ecigarette Coils in Dartmouth

LYCHE RBA Head (1pc) $14.95

An atomizer head is the key component of any electronic cigarette. If you already own an ecigarette and you are looking for a new coil in Dartmouth or Halifax we may be able to help.

A RBA head is added for the LYCHE atomizer for your preference. Being rebuild-able and reuse-able, this RBA head will provide you with DIY fun, allowing you to rebuild coils that cater to your needs in an economical way.

Roll a coil of the resistance you prefer and stuff a piece of cotton through the coil; then fix the built coil onto the base by tightening the two hex screws with a hex key; finally screw the cap on, cut out spare cotton and a DIY atomizer head is ready for use.

1. Please make sure the finally fixed coil doesn’t come into contact with the surface of the base and the inner wall of the cap.
2. Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the cotton to make the coil full saturated before use.
3. Please don’t vape until e-liquid nearly runs out. Otherwise, the coil will be damaged.

There are a few different ecigarette coils to choose from including the popular BDC Atomizer Head from Eleaf.

This is why we have developed a revolutionary new atomizer head with a bottom dual coil (BDC), which increases effectiveness of vaporization. It also ensures large amounts of vapor under low voltage, no burning taste under high voltage, and no leaks. 

Two models of the BDC atomizer head are available, 1.6 ohm and 1.8 ohm. Other coils are the iNano atomizer and the LYCHE RBA Head

Ecigarette Batteries in Dartmouth

E-Cigarette batteries can be a bit wonky at times. Each ecig battery has its own unique troubleshooting techniques.Here are a few basic troubleshooting tips for your battery:

Battery locked - Most e-cigarette batteries have a unique feature of locking and unlocking. Smaller batteries like the e-smart and CV spinners are locked but you can unlock them by pressing the power button 5-6 times quickly. 

You should see the battery light flash a few times and then the ecig battery should work.

Battery charged - Smaller batteries use a cable that connect to a USB port, which when working should be on or green. If the light doesn't come on then you may have an issue with the charger. You should try plugging your charger maybe into a different USB port and that may turn it on. If that doesn't work then just replace the charger, which is a lot cheaper than replacing the battery.

Battery Tank - Even tho the battery is green you may not get any vape. It's probably an issue with the coil in your tank. It may not be working properly or is just not connected properly. Make sure the coil is attached right and that the tank is firmly connected to the battery. If the threads on the batter are dirty, it may not connect properly, and thus be the reason for it not working properly. A hint may be to use a bit of alcohol on a paper towel or q-tip and clean all parts of the batter, tank, and coil.

Contact Ejuice Wholesalers in Dartmouth

If you are having any issues with ecigarettes, coils, batteries, and ejuice that you have bought from us doing hesitate to contact us and we'll go over some troubleshooting steps with you over the phone or in person. 

We are here to make sure all our Dartmouth vaping customers are happy with their ecigarettes and vaping accessories and we'll help you either fix the issue with your ecigarette or get the best deal we can on a new one.

Dartmouth Vaping Supplies ship to anywhere in Atlantic as well as North America for a flat rate of $15.00 per order. All vape shop orders over $100 have free standard shipping! Your ejuice distributor in Dartmouth also offers various shipping methods delivery fleet, bus, FEDEX ( Federal Express Ground, Federal Express Second Day, Standard overnight) as well as Canada Post( Priority / Express ).

Returns: If something is not working and you need to return an item, please contact your Online Vape Shop in Dartmouth NS with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order.

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