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Your Halifax eJuice Vape Shop can get you the best deals on ecigarettes, batteries, mods, tanks, coils, and accessories anywhere in Halifax Nova Scotia. 

Allow eJuice Wholesale Vaping Suppliers to be your ejuice and ecig partner in Atlantic Canada. Serving all provinces including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland, their vaping clientele has grown and so has their reputation as a reputable vape shop where you can buy vaping supplies online.

Most of their customers are local vape shops right here in Atlantic Canada!

  • Moncton Vape Shop
  • Fredericton Vape Shop
  • Bathurst Vape Shop
  • Saint John Vape Shop
  • New Brunswick Vape Shop
  • Dartmouth Vape Shop
  • Halifax Vape Shop
  • Bedford Vape Shop
  • Sackville Vape Shop
  • New Minas Vape Shop
  • Truro Vape Shop
  • Cape Breton Vape Shop
  • Sydney NS Vape Shop
  • Charlottetown Vape Shop
  • Atlantic Canada Vape Shop

Halifax and Dartmouth have become a hub in the Maritimes for buying vape shop supplies like ejuice and ecigs! This is why eJuice Wholesalers created this online ejuice website to get the latest in ejuice flavors and ecigarette supplies. It doesn't matter where you live in Atlantic Canada, eJuice Wholesale Suppliers in Dartmouth will ship out your online ejuice order withing 24 hours right to your back door.

If you have become a vapor junkie and love all sorts of ejuice flavors, then this is the place to order -

Get eJuice At Wholesale Prices

Created with the the finest ingredients available in the vaping industry, Halifax eJuice Suppliers have placed the emphasis on complex but layered flavours for local Atlantic Canadians to enjoy. Take your vaping experience to the next level by ordering your ejuice and ecigarettes online at wholesale prices today!

If you are a local shop owner in Bedford, Sackville or Dartmouth, then no problem. You can too get wholesale ejuice and wholesale ecigs at the lowest vaping prices anywhere in Eastern Canada.

Recognized as the best vape shop in Dartmouth, eJuice Wholesale Distributors have built up a client database second to none in Canada. They have the best flavored ejuice, not to mention the longest list of flavored liquids from any vape shop in Halifax.

 Got Swagger Homemade Ice Cream eJuice 70vg-30pg (30ml)Got Swagger Homemade Ice Cream 70vg-30pg (30ml)

Price: $19.95

SKU: HomeIceCream

Product Description

Imagine fresh creamy rich homemade ice cream, now add-in butter scotch ripple.

Other Similar Got Swagger eLiquids are as follows:

Blue Ballz 70vg-30pg (30ml)

Strawberry U-Pick 70vg-30pg (30ml)

Crem Brule 70vg-30pg (30ml)

Got Yogurt 70vg-30pg (30ml)

Peared Perfect 70vg-30pg (30ml)

Rocket Treat 70vg-30pg (30ml)

Scary Punch 70vg-30pg (30ml)

Stocking Your Vape Shop

If you are looking to stock your vape shop in Dartmouth, Halifax, Moncton, or Saint Johns NS, don't worry, we have you covered! Halifax Vape Shop has been in the business for a long time and we know what our customers want. What they tell us is that they want the best varieties of ejuice and ecigs on the market, the best prices in town, and great customer support. 

That has become a rule with "Halifax EJuice Online" as repeat business is what any company is looking for really. If you haven't got customer support and great products, why be in business in the first place. You want to establish a business that people turn to for they vaping needs in Atlantic Canada. 

You don't want them going outside the region for their mods, tanks, and cheap eJuice. You can order vaping products online today and have them shipped to your vape shop anywhere in the Maritime Provinces tomorrow.

Create an eJuice Wholesale Account

Create an account with us and you'll be able to take full advantage of all the perks on this online vape shop:

  • Deals on the entire eJuice catalogue
  • Receive wholesale prices up to 80% off MSRP
  • Access your order history
  • Track new orders

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Because of the numerous benefits of vaping over smoking, many traditional cigarette smokers have now made the switch to electronic cigarettes.

The main reason people switch to vaping is that there is no smoke involved with vaping. The stink doesn't linger on your breath when you vape and your clothes and furniture don't smell bad, which they usually do with smoking cigarettes. 

Thanks to the vaping industry, there is no tar or ash with ecigarettes. There is virtually no burnt cigarette butts left after smoking a cigarette which is a filthy habit if you have every watched someone outside of work or a night club after they have smoked a cigarette. What do they do when they finish? They throw the butt on the ground for others to look at in disdain and possible track the ashes and cigarette back into the building on the bottom of their shoes. 

Electronic cigarettes (ecigs) contain way fewer chemicals and carcinogens like those found in traditional cigarettes. Vaping is definitely a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. 

Order a ecig starter kit today and find out what vaping is all about!

Stop smoking cigarette and switch to ecigarettes. The cost of a pack of cigarettes is rising each week in Atlantic Canada while some are paying as high as $18 per pack! The long term savings of vaping over smoking are significant!

Is Vaping Safe?

Yes, e-cigarettes and vaping in general are considered a much safer alternative than smoking traditional cigarettes!

Precautions, however need to be taken to ensure a quality vaping experience for each user. For instance, always use the charger explicitly created just for that ecig and battery. Remove the battery when you first notice it reaches full charge. Batteries should be kept separate from one another so that the terminals do not touch each other. 

Short circuiting will most likely occur if the battery terminals on an ecigarette touch each other. Also don't forget to check that each battery is rated for the specific coil that you are using with that specific ecig, and don't forget to keep your ecigs and batteries out of extreme heat areas.

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